To All Creditors, Advanced Notice of Bulk Sale

Pursuant to Section 6-107 of the Uniform Commercial Code, __________________ is about to make a bulk transfer of property to __________________.

The business address of the SELLER is _____________________, _________, ____________.

The business address of the BUYER is _____________________, ___________, _______.

So far as is known to the BUYER, the SELLER has not used any business name and address other than the above for the last three years, except for:

The debts of the SELLER are not to be paid in full as they come due, or it is unknown whether the debts of the SELLER will be paid as due.

The property to be transferred is located at __________________ ________________, ___________, _________________________, and comprises:

all of the inventory of goods of the SELLER.

The total of the SELLER’s debt is estimated to be $ ______ ( _____________ &___/100 dollars.)
The list of all creditors and a schedule of the property to be transferred is may be inspected during regular business hours at
_____________________________________, ________________________,

The transfer ________ being made to pay existing debts:

The transfer is for new consideration.

Creditors of the SELLERS must file their claims in writing at:
before _________, 20___.

This bulk transfer will take place on or after ___________, 20___.

Dated: ________________________________________

For ________________