Past Due, Final Notice

Past Due, Final Notice

Dear ________________:

We have tried every approach we could think of to collect this debt. We have absolutely no interest in turning this over to a collection agency or an attorney. However, we don’t know what other choice your nonpayment gives us.

Please send us a check for the full amount or call us to set up a suitable repayment plan so we can avoid the collection route. That is a difficult and expensive approach for all concerns. Besides which, we would like to retain you as a customer and get our relationship back on a current and paying basis.

Please call us immediately to resolve this matter. If you do not call, or work out suitable arrangements within the next 10 days, we will be forced to turn this over for collection which does neither of us any good and will be a disappointment to us all.

Hoping for your prompt payment and/or quick response.

With best regards,

Employee Authorized

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