Minutes of Special Meeting of Directors


A special meeting of the board of directors of [Company] was held at [Place & Address] on [Date], at [Time] in accordance with the bylaws [or pursuant to call by the president or pursuant to written waiver of notice signed by all of the directors, or the like].

1.The following directors were present:

[List of names]

2.The meeting was presided over by [Chairman name] and the secretary, [Secretary name], was present and kept the minutes.

3.An agreement and written waiver of notice signed by all of the directors was read, the original copy of which is inserted and reads as follows:

We, the undersigned, being all of the directors of [Company name], a corporation organized under the laws of the State of [State/Province], consent and agree that a meeting of the board of directors be held at [Address] on [Date], at [Time], to [Purpose], and for the transaction of any other business which may be legally done at the meeting of the board of directors.

The meeting was called to order by the president.

4.On motions duly made and seconded, it was voted that:

1.The minutes of the last meeting of directors be taken as read.

2.[Insert resolution per numbered paragraph].

Dissenting to the motion were [Dissenting names].

There being no further business to transact at this time, it was voted to adjourn the meeting.

Dated [Date]

[Secretary name], Secretary [Chairman name], Chairman