Minutes of [ANNUAL / SPECIAL] Meeting of Shareholders [COMPANY NAME]

Minutes of [ANNUAL / SPECIAL] Meeting of Shareholders [COMPANY NAME]

The shareholders of [Company Name] held [the/a Annual/Special] Meeting of Shareholders on [Date] at [Time], at [Place].

1.Shareholders present at the meeting, in person or by proxy, represented [Number] shares of common stock of the corporation.

The following stockholders were present in person:

Names No. of Shares

The following stockholders were represented by proxy:

Names No. of Shares

2.The President of this corporation served as Chairman and called the meeting to order, and announced that a quorum was present and that this meeting was held pursuant to a written notice of meeting given to all shareholders of this corporation. A copy of this notice was ordered inserted in the minute book immediately preceding the minutes of this meeting.

[Or, if the meeting was held without notice, the following paragraph should be inserted, substituting the above]:

The President of this corporation called the meeting to order, and announced that the meeting was held pursuant to written waiver of notice and consent to the holding of the meeting. The waiver and consent was presented to this meeting and, on a motion duly made, seconded and unanimously carried, was made a part of the records and ordered inserted in the minute book immediately preceding the records of this meeting.

[The minutes of the previous meeting of shareholders were then read and approved.] OR [It was then moved, seconded, and unanimously resolved to dispense with the reading of the minutes of the previous meeting.]

3.The President then announced that the election of directors was in order. Directors were then nominated to serve until the next annual meeting of shareholders and until their successors were duly elected and qualified. The following nominations were made and seconded:

[List of names]

4.No further nominations were made, and the above were [duly/unanimously] elected as directors of this corporation.
The [Year] annual report of the president and directors of the [Company name] was presented and read, and upon motion of [Name], seconded, it was resolved:

That the report be received filed with the secretary in the form as presented to the meeting.

6.The secretary was directed to insert in the minute book a copy of each of the following papers:

1.Notice of the meeting and proof of mailing.

2.Form of proxy.

3.Report of the president and directors.

4.Inspectors’ oath and report.

7.On motion duly made and seconded, the following business came before the shareholders:

[Insert business transacted; for example, vote for amendment to Articles or Bylaws. Note: All actions taken at the Meeting of Shareholders should be recorded in the minutes of the meeting.]

8.Because there was no further business to come before this meeting, on motion duly made, seconded, and carried, this meeting was adjourned.

[Secretary’s name], Secretary

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