Messenger Service Agreement

Messenger Service Agreement

________________________, referred to as CUSTOMER, and _______________________, referred to as MESSENGER or MESSENGER SERVICE, agree:

MESSENGER shall deliver messages and parcels not exceeding __________ pounds upon request by CUSTOMER upon ________________ notice in a service area of _______________ miles maximum distance from CUSTOMER’s offices. The base fee set below shall cover ________________ deliveries. An additional fee equal to $ _______________ (_____________________________________________________ & ____/100 dollars) per additional delivery shall be due.

MESSENGER shall collect mail to be posted with the U.S. Postal Service ______________ time(s) daily, ____________________________. CUSTOMER shall place all outgoing mail in a centrally agreed upon location. The approximate times for pick up shall be:

This agreement shall commence on ____________________ and terminate on __________________________.

CUSTOMER shall pay a minimum monthly fee of $_________________ (____________________________________________________ & ____/100 dollars) per month.

Date: _________________

________________________ By Customer

_______________________ By Messenger Service

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