Lawyer Retainer Agreement, Contingency

Lawyer Retainer Agreement, Contingency

____________, 20__


Attention: _________________

Dear __________:

We retain your law offices to represent us in regard to a claim against _____________________, related to ______________________.

Your fee shall be contingent on collection from the responsible parties, and shall be as follows:

_____ per cent for recovery before suit
_____ per cent for recovery after suit is instituted
_____ per cent for recovery if an appeal is required

Out of pocket costs reasonably expended and with prior approval of us will be deducted from settlement.

If not funds are collected, then we are not responsible for any costs, including your firm’s out of pocket expenses.

If this arrangement is acceptable, please sign and return a copy of this letter to us.

Best regards,


Accepted: _________________________________
Law Firm

Enc. Extra Copy for Signature and Return

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