Denial of Request for Additional Discount

Denial of Request for Additional Discount



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OBJECT: Denial of Request for Additional Discount


Dear [Contact name],

We recently received a request from you regarding our flexibility in the discount rate we offer for early
settlement of accounts. Following are our policies on these issues.

At [COMPANY], our established discount is [%] of the total invoiced amount when payment is received within [NUMBER] days of delivery. Please note that this policy has not been arbitrarily determined, but instead is based on cost, overhead and profit. Increasing this discount rate for all of our accounts would seriously jeopardize our profitability – to increase the rate for an individual account would be both unfair and unethical. I think that you will find that the [%] discount rate we offer our customers is standard in the industry.

I hope that you can understand our position in this matter. We consider you a most valued customer so if we are able to accommodate you in any way that is within our company policy, we will be most happy to do so. Do not hesitate to contact me if I can be of any help.





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