Credit Denial, Request for Clarification-Credit Reports

Credit Denial, Request for Clarification-Credit Reports


Name of Creditor Denying Credit:
Address of Creditor Denying Credit:
File Number, if any:

Dear Sir or Madam: Reference: Application for Credit Rejected

My request for credit was denied by your firm, or because of your firm’s recommendations and reports, per the information listed above.

In accordance with the provisions of the Federal Fair Credit Reporting Act, I hereby request the following, as I am entitled to, under this Statute and other related regulations:

1. Full and complete disclosure by you of all reasons for the denial of credit by your firm.

2. Specifics of the information upon which the denial of credit was based; and

3. The name, address, and any other useful contact information of the credit reporting agency or agencies which provided you with the information upon which you based your reason for denying me credit.

Thank you for your prompt assistance in this matter so I can work diligently to be sure the records are accurate and help me become a better credit risk in the future.

Best regards,

Creditor denied credit

Enc. Credit Rejection Letter

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