Collection Letter

Collection Letter


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Your name was brought to our attention to collect from you the entire balance of a debt you owed to [NAME OF CREDITOR]. As of [DATE], the amount of the debt is [AMOUNT].

If you want to resolve this matter without a lawsuit, you must, within [NUMBER] month(s) of the date of this letter, either pay [AMOUNT] against the balance that you owe (unless you have paid since your last statement) or call [NAME OF CREDITOR] at [CREDITOR’S TELEPHONE NUMBER] and work out arrangements for payment with it. If you do neither of these things, we will refer this matter to an attorney to file a lawsuit against you for the collection of this debt.

Federal law gives you thirty days after you receive this letter to dispute the validity of the debt or any part of it. If you do not dispute it within that period, we will assume that it is valid. If you do dispute it – by notifying us in writing to that effect – we will, as required by the law, obtain and mail to you proof of the debt. And if, within the same period, you request in writing the name and address of your original creditor, if the original creditor is different from the current creditor [NAME OF CREDITOR], we will furnish you that information also. The law does not require us to wait until the end of the thirty-day period before suing you to collect this debt. If, however, you request proof of the debt or the name and address of the original creditor within the thirty-day period that begins with your receipt of this letter, the law requires us to suspend our efforts.


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