Charity Subscription Agreement

Charity Subscription Agreement

I, __________________________, herewith subscribe and agree to contribute, and promise to pay on or before ____________________________, the sum of $_____ (_____________ & ___/100 dollars), in consideration of other subscriptions to be used for ________________ as a part of the ________________________ (Charity or Organization).

This subscription is contingent upon the CHARITY receiving subscriptions for _________________ totaling a minimum of $______ (________________________ & no/100 dollars) by no later than ________________________.

Said subscription, when paid, shall be limited strictly to the uses of ____________________________, _______________________.

This subscription is further contingent upon the amount donated being deductible from income tax. CHARITY shall provide upon demand by SUBSCRIBER official documentation or opinions of counsel satisfactory to SUBSCRIBER establishing the deductibility.

This is the entire agreement between the parties, and may only be altered in writing executed by the party to be charged.

Dated: ______________________

For _________________________: Charity


For __________________________: Subscriber


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