Packaging System Agreement

Packaging System Agreement _____________________, referred to as the DESIGNER, and _______________________, referred to as the CLIENT, agree: DESIGNER shall create a packaging system, including art, containers, interior packaging for ______________________, a product created by CLIENT. DESIGNER shall receive as its fee $_______ (____________ __________ & ____/100 dollars), payable as follows: _____________________________. The CLIENT acknowledges that [...]

Option to Purchase

Option to Purchase _____________, referred to as SELLER, and _______________, referred to as OPTION HOLDER, agree: In consideration of $____ (_______________&___/100 dollars), paid by OPTION HOLDER to SELLER, the receipt of which is acknowledged, the SELLER grants to OPTION HOLDER, the exclusive option to acquire the following business: ___________, located at __________________ for a period [...]

Non-Disclosure and Non-Circumvention Agreement, Relating to Negotiations

Non-Disclosure and Non-Circumvention Agreement, Relating to Negotiations _________________________, referred to as COMPANY, and _________________________, referred to as RECIPIENT, agree: The parties intend to engage in substantive negotiations and discussions regarding certain new and useful business opportunities, trade secrets, economic studies, inventions and scientific information. And, furthermore, the parties intend to engage in substantive negotiations and [...]

Non-Compete, Covenant

Non-Compete, Covenant ____________________, referred to as SELLER and _________________________, referred to as BUYER, agree: BUYER and SELLER have entered into an agreement dated __________, 199___ for ____________________. In consideration of the mutual covenants and payments to be made pursuant to the agreement, and in further consideration of the sum of $_________ (_______________&___/100 dollars) paid to [...]

Messenger Service Agreement

Messenger Service Agreement ________________________, referred to as CUSTOMER, and _______________________, referred to as MESSENGER or MESSENGER SERVICE, agree: MESSENGER shall deliver messages and parcels not exceeding __________ pounds upon request by CUSTOMER upon ________________ notice in a service area of _______________ miles maximum distance from CUSTOMER’s offices. The base fee set below shall cover ________________ [...]

Joint Marketing Agreement

Joint Marketing Agreement This Joint Marketing Agreement ("Agreement") is made and effective this ____________ (Date) by and between _____________________________________________ ("Second Party") and _______________________________________ ("First Party"). First Party and Second Party separately market products and/or services which are often used for complementary or for related purposes. The parties desire to cooperate in marketing their products for [...]

Management Agreement

Management Agreement This Management Agreement (“Agreement”) is made on ____________(Date), by and between _______________________________ (“Manager”) and ___________________________, the owner or corporation (“Owner"). Whereas the Manager carries on business as a manager of businesses and the Owner wishes to retain the management services of the Manager in connection with the carrying on of the Owner's business [...]

Limited Warranty

Limited Warranty TO: ___________________ Regarding: ____________________ Dated: ________________ These goods are sold with a 90-day warranty. The sole remedy for the goods failure to comply with this warranty is the replacement of the goods. The seller shall not be liable for consequential damages or damages other than replacement of the goods. _________________ Seller

Lien Release

Lien Release STATE OF __________ COUNTY OF _________ __________________________________, referred to as HOLDER, is the owner of a lien related to ____________________, executed by _____________________, acknowledges payment in full of the same, which was recorded at _________________Book, page ___ of the ________ County, State of _________, and consents to the release of the property from [...]

License Agreement, Simple

License Agreement, Simple This License Agreement ("Agreement") is made effective as of _____________ (Date), by and between _________________________ (“Manufacturer”) and __________________, owner of the license (“Licensor”). Manufacturer wishes to sell and/or Licensor’s property as a component or in its entirety and Licensor wants Manufacturer to do so. Both parties are familiar with the business of [...]