Sales Rep Agreement

Sales Rep Agreement This Agreement ("Agreement") is made and effective on by and between ____________________________________________________________ ("Rep") and _________________________________________________ ("Company"). In consideration of the mutual promises contained herein, the parties agree as follows: 1. Definitions. As used herein, the following terms shall have the meanings set forth below: A. "Products" shall mean the following of Company's [...]

Rolling Stock Lease

Rolling Stock Lease ____________________, referred to as the RAILROAD, and _____________________, referred to as the LEASING COMPANY, agree: LEASING COMPANY herewith leases to the RAILROAD the following described railroad rolling stock: _______________________________________________________________________ for a period beginning on ______________________ and ending on _____________________ unless earlier terminated under the terms of this agreement. RAILROAD shall have the [...]

Right of First Refusal

Right of First Refusal This Right of Firsts Refusal to Purchase Agreement (“Agreement”) is made on ____________, by and between _____________________ (Name), Grantor of the Right of First Refusal (“Owner”) and _______________________________ (Name), Receiver of Right of First Refusal (“Grantee”). In consideration of the payment by the Grantee to the Owner of the sum $ [...]

Repossession Services Agreement

Repossession Services Agreement BACKGROUND: ______________________________________, CREDITOR, and ______________________________________, AGENCY, agree: CREDITOR is the owner or collection agent for various retail installment contracts, granting liens on automobiles. From time to time CREDITOR requires repossession services when the various contract debtors are delinquent on their debts, and CREDITOR herewith contracts with AGENCY to perform such repossessions. TERM: [...]

Release by Creditor

Release by Creditor To: _______________, Being Released from Obligation (the "Releasee") Settlement Amount $______________ Amount of Payment to Creditor ("Settlement Amount") From: _______________ ("Releasor") In consideration of the payment of the above Settlement Amount by Releasee to Releasor and for other good and valuable consideration, the receipt and sufficiency of which is acknowledged, the Releasor [...]

Amending a Purchase Agreement

Amending a Purchase Agreement This agreement amends an earlier Purchase Agreement (“Agreement”) dated ________ and signed by the parties. The original agreement is attached as Exhibit 1. Whereas, the parties entered into the original Purchase Agreement for their mutual benefit, they now wish to amend that Purchase Agreement (“Amended Agreement”) in accordance with the terms [...]

Promotional or Product Placement Agreement

Promotional or Product Placement Agreement _____________, referred to as PROVIDER, and ________________, referred to as MANUFACTURER, agree: ____________ operates a product and/or service (PROVIDER). ________________ is the MANUFACTURER of the following products: __________________________________________________________ MANUFACTURER shall include in the products stated above a promotional advertisement for purchasers of Manufacturer’s product to purchase PROVIDER products and/or services [...]