Waiver of Claim of Breach

Waiver of Claim of Breach ________________, referred to as BUYER, herewith waives any cause of action or claim which I may have because of the breach committed on or about _________________ by ________________. of the contract between us dated _______________, generally related to: ____________________________________________________________ BUYER does not renounce any claim for any other breach that [...]

Vessel Brokerage

Vessel Brokerage ____________, referred to as OWNER, and __________, referred to as BROKER, agree: OWNER herewith grants to the BROKER the exclusive right to sell the vessel ________________, for a period of ___________ days. The vessel shall include the following options, marine electronics and accessories: _____________________________ in good, seaworthy, operating condition. A complete description of [...]

Vehicle Rental

Vehicle Rental ___________________, referred to herein as “OWNER” and _____________________, referred to as “BORROWER,” agree: ___________________ is the owner of the following described motor vehicle: Make of vehicle: ________________ Model: ________________________ Body style: _____________________ VIN: __________________________ OWNER herewith rents to BORROWER the motor vehicle described above, for a period of ____________________, for the purpose of [...]

Value Added Reseller Agreement

Value Added Reseller Agreement This Value Added Reseller Agreement ("Agreement") is made and effective this ___________ (Date), by and between ______________________________ ("VAR") and ("Developer"). Developer has developed certain software, which it markets directly to end-users and also markets through intermediaries such as VARs. VAR is in the business of creating and adding value to existing [...]

Substitution of Collateral and Release Consent

Substitution of Collateral and Release Consent _____________________, referred to as OWNER, and ______________________, referred to as SECURED PARTY, agree: OWNER is indebted to SECURED PARTY pursuant to a note dated, _______________________, in the original principal amount of $_________ (___________________________ & _____/100 dollars); with a present total interest and principal balance of $_______ (___________________________ & _____/100 [...]

Subrogation Agreement

Subrogation Agreement WHEREAS, on ____________________, ____________________, an insurance company (“Insurance Company”), was presented with a claim arising from: AUTOMOBILE COLLISION under insurance coverage provided to POLICYHOLDER, under its coverage for: AUTOMOBILE COLLISION/COMPREHENSIVE and, WHEREAS, on _________________________, Insurance Company paid a claim in an amount of $________________, with a deductible of $__________ arising from the perils [...]

Submission Agreement Policy

Submission Agreement Policy Our Company (“The Company”) is interested in possible means of developing new ideas, inventions or processes. However, we have frequently found that suggestions submitted to us are already available from our own staff, through published sources or other legal means. This can lead to possible confusion concerning the origin of the idea. [...]

Settlement Agreement

Settlement Agreement This Agreement ("Agreement") is made and effective this ____________ (Date), by and between ("Second Party") ________________________________________________ (name & address) and ("First Party"), and ____________________________________ (name & address). First Party and Second Party are parties to an earlier Agreement dated _____________, The First Party has alleged that the Second Party is in default of [...]

Seller’s Agreement to Repurchase

Seller’s Agreement to Repurchase ________________________, referred to as SELLER, and _________________________, referred to as BUYER, agree: SELLER agrees to repurchase any of the following goods from BUYER, subject to the terms and conditions set forth herein: _____________________________________________________________________ All such returns shall be subject to a restocking charge of _________ percent of the purchase price paid [...]

Salvage Agreement

Salvage Agreement ___________________, referred to as OWNER, and ________________ _______________, referred to as SALVAGE COMPANY, agree: On ____________________, OWNER suffered a loss due to __________ which damaged items generally described as: ________________________________________________________________ SALVAGE COMPANY agrees to take immediate custody of the salvage items and to take and sell the same in a manner, which SALVAGE [...]