Loan Purpose, Affidavit

Loan Purpose, Affidavit The undersigned being first duly sworn on oath deposes and states: That the proceeds of the loan of $______ (________________ &___/100 dollars), being furnished us this __________day of ______________, 20____, from ______________________________ ______________________________ ______________________________ Will be used for: ______________________________and for no other purpose. Subscribed and sworn to this _____ day of ________, [...]

Letter of Credit Agreement

Letter of Credit Agreement Date: _________ LETTER OF CREDIT (GENERAL) __________________________ __________________________ __________________________ Sir: We hereby agree to accept and pay at maturity any draft or drafts on us, at sight, issued by __________________________, of __________________________, to the extent of $_____(________________________ & _____/100 dollars), and negotiated through your bank. Most respectfully yours, _____________________________________ __________________________ by: [...]

Judgment Assignment

Judgment Assignment ________________, referred to as JUDGMENT HOLDER, and _________________, referred to as ASSIGNEE, agree: On ________________________, JUDGMENT HOLDER recovered a judgment against _________________, in the _________________, case number __________________, in the original principal amount of $_____ (__________________ & ___/100 dollars). JUDGMENT HOLDER assigns said judgment to ASSIGNEE without recourse or guarantee of payment. JUDGMENT [...]

Guarantor, Letter trying to Collect From

Guarantor, Letter trying to Collect From Date: Name & Address of party written to Dear Sir or Madam: We are the holder of your Guaranty of the debts and obligations of _____________ (Name of Person) whose debts are being Guaranteed ("Debtor") to us in the amount of $_____________________, a copy of which is enclosed. The [...]

Guarantee, Termination

Guarantee, Termination To: (Holder of Guarantee) Dear ____________: This notifies you formally of our termination of our Guarantee, effective immediately, related to our Guarantee, a copy of which is enclosed, and was given to you by us pursuant to which we guaranteed the ongoing obligations of __________________ (Name). Please accept this letter as formal notification [...]

Estoppel Letter

Estoppel Letter TO: ________________________ ____________________________ ____________________________ ____________________________ REGARDING: _________________ Property located at: _____________________________________________ The balance due upon this mortgage as of ___________ is $ ________ (_____________&___/100 dollars). The per diem is $_______ (_____________&___/100 dollars). The mortgage was last paid on _________________. The figures in this estoppel are effective until _____________. Funds should be wired to: [...]

Discharge of Guarantor

Discharge of Guarantor For $_________________ and other good and valuable consideration, __________________, CREDITOR, releases ____________________________________, GUARANTOR from that certain a guarantee agreement related to ________________________________ owed by ______________________________ to CREDITOR dated ____________________________. Dated: ___________________________ _____________________________________________ _______________________________ By Creditor

Deposit, Forfeit due to No Delivery

Deposit, Forfeit due to No Delivery Date: Customer Name: Customer Address: Dear: Ref: Purchase of ____________________. On ___________________(Date), you purchased from us ______________, signed a contract for them, and gave us a nonrefundable deposit for $ ________________. Per your written instructions, we prepared the goods immediately and have repeatedly tried to contact you for you [...]

Demand for Additional Collateral

Demand for Additional Collateral _______________________________ _______________________________ _______________________________ DEMAND FOR ADDITIONAL COLLATERAL Pursuant to the security agreement entered into between the parties on _____________________, the secured party deems itself insecure, and demands that you provide additional collateral with a value of $____(______________ & ____/100 dollars) no later than _________________________. The repayment of the security agreement may [...]