Assessing the Primary Activities in the Value Chain

Assessing the Primary Activities in the Value Chain


 Is there a materials control system? How well does it work?
 What type of inventory control system is there? How well does it work?
 How are raw materials handled and warehoused?
 How efficiently are raw materials handled and warehoused?


 How productive is our equipment as compared to our competitors?
 What type of plant layout is used? How efficient is it?
 Are production control systems in place to control quality and reduce cost? How efficient and effective are they in doing so?
 Are we using the appropriate level of automation in our production processes?


 Are finished products delivered in a timely fashion to customers?
 Are finished products efficiently delivered to customer?
 Are finished products warehoused efficiently?


 Is marketing research effectively used to identify customer segments and needs?
 Are sales promotions and advertising innovative?
 Have alternative distribution channels been evaluated?
 How competent is the sales force? Is their level of motivation as high as it can be?
 Does our organization present an image of quality to our customers?
 Does our organization have a favorable reputation?
 How brand loyal are our customers? Does our brand loyalty need improvement?
 Do we dominate the various market segments we are in?


 How well do we solicit customer input for product improvement?
 How promptly and effectively are customer complaints handled?
 Are our product warranty and guarantee policies appropriate?
 How effectively do we train employees in customer educations and service issues?
 How well do we provide replacement parts and repair services?

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