Agreement Cancellation

Agreement Cancellation

Dear ________________:

You are hereby officially notified and put on notice that our contract dated ___________, termed the __________________ Agreement is cancelled for cause as a result of your breaches, as described in the Agreement itself.

Among the breaches are the following:

You are further notified and put on notice as required by UCC regulations that any obligation to make further performance under the Agreement is terminated, and that the right to proceed against you because of your breach of the Agreement is not waived.

You are further notified that as a result of your breach of the Agreement, we have suffered damages in the amount of $ __________________, computed as follows:

We expect you will make good on these damages and will expect to receive them within the next 30 days. If this is not possible, please contact us to set up a payment schedule so we can avoid legal expenses on both sides.

Yours very truly,

Authorized Employee

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